IPA: kwˈɑfɝ


  • One who quaffs.
  • (informal) A quaffable wine.

Examples of "quaffer" in Sentences

  • Can range from easy quaffers to funky, musty whites.
  • A lovely quaffer, with nice, light Chardonnay fruit.
  • Without food, I suspect this wine would not be as impressive, and it might even strike you as a simple quaffer.
  • ‘Had thought thou wouldst have known the clatter of a cask from the clash of a broadsword, as well as e’er a quaffer in
  • Vinchio-Vaglio I Tre Vescovi Barbera d'Asti 2007 (£7.99, Waitrose; 14.5% abv) is a good, berry-fruit quaffer with not much follow-through.
  • Things have really changed from the time when it was a reliable quaffer until now where you can get world class Soave pretty much everywhere.
  • Thought of as a summer quaffer, the thing that makes rosé perfect for your dinner table regardless of the season is that it's a terrific food wine.
  • They remain informal, highly pleasant wines, with fairly low alcohol (usually about 11%) that makes them great as an aperitif, a summer quaffer or just a happy-to-be-home sipping wine.
  • Fulfilling a tantalizing promise made at least 13 months ago, former city council candidate, monorail kool-aid quaffer and all-around utopian visionary Grant Cogswell will leave Seattle, the P-I reports today.
  • The former owners of what is now Vineyard 48 used to turn out excellent Sauvignon Blancs -- dry and crisp, citrusy, with a good flinty finish -- the perfect quaffer to clams on the half shell, poached lobster or grilled fish -- all the great foodstuffs that define the East End of Long Island.

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