IPA: kwˈægi


  • A short river that passes through the London boroughs of Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham.


  • Resembling a quagmire; marshy, miry.
  • Soft or flabby (of a person etc.).

Examples of "quaggy" in Sentences

  • For dinner they each ate a carton of tepid rice and quaggy vegetables.
  • Allfou and the rest of incurables and the last of immurables, the quaggy waag for stumbling.
  • She listened to the sermon as from a warm nest safely raised above the quaggy ground of personal feeling.
  • We bore to the south down a descent, and came to some moory, quaggy ground intersected with water-courses.
  • And I love finding new ones, like the one I discovered last week via Wordsmith: quaggy (KWAG-ee) adjective Marshy; flabby; spongy.
  • The path itself, or rather the portion of more solid ground on which the travellers half walked, half waded, was rough, broken, and in many places quaggy and unsound.

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