IPA: kwˈægmaɪɝ


  • A swampy, soggy area of ground.
  • (figuratively) A perilous, mixed up and troubled situation; a hopeless tangle.


  • (transitive) To embroil (a person, etc.) in complexity or difficulty.

Examples of "quagmire" in Sentences

  • The tank fell into the quagmire.
  • Do you remember the whole quagmire
  • The rainy season created a quagmire.
  • The quagmire continued the second day.
  • It was just retreated from the quagmire.
  • It sounds like a real quagmire in the area.
  • The boy's pants are dirty now due to quagmire.
  • The quagmire is ultimately a territory dispute.
  • He fell in a quagmire and his clothe is dirty now.
  • This quagmire is the legacy of the WORST PRESIDENT EVER.
  • It sounds like a real quagmire in the area of accountability.
  • He regrets that he chose the phrase 'tar baby,' rather than the word 'quagmire.'
  • Unfortunately it seems like the Democratic quagmire is full of emotion and very little reasoning.
  • The only way of getting the economy out of the quagmire is by lowering public sector wages, said Rachlevsky.
  • The whole middle east quagmire is as a result of the U.S. policy in backing the most unbending nation in the world.
  • HEUVEL: John McCain is -- gives new meaning to the term quagmire as a warmonger, has an 82 percent American Conservative Union rating.
  • Long before the word quagmire was applied to Vietnam, Mark Twain used it to describe America's Philippines entanglement, which he vigorously opposed.
  • To call recent storylines a quagmire would cause me to go look up ‘quagmire‘ and make sure I’m using it correctly “a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position”, yeah he’s had a few of those.
  • Either course of action will bring short-term howls of recrimination from the right ... but this mini-surge deeper into the quagmire is going to sink the administration without question. declining 35 percent approval rating for management of the war in Afghanistan
  • About the other candidates, he said, excuse me, he was -- you know that Steve Martin thing, excuse me, he was the only major candidate who made the right judgment, and said, don't tell me this guy can't deal with national security when the Bush people and some of the Democrat candidates supported him in getting us into what he calls a quagmire, that's a Vietnam phrase.

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