IPA: kwˈæhˈɔg


  • (dated) Alternative form of quahog (“edible hard-shell clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, used in chowders”) [An edible clam with a hard shell found along the Atlantic Coast of North America, from species Mercenaria mercenaria, formerly Venus mercenaria.]


  • (dated) Alternative form of quahog [(intransitive) To dig for quahogs.]

Examples of "quahaug" in Sentences

  • I thought probably you had gone to dig another quahaug.
  • The other boarders looked like quahaug dories abreast of the
  • I shudder to think of the dancing pastel quahaug maids sent to represent Rhode Island.
  • a solitary, queer, self-centered old bachelor, a "quahaug," as my fellow-Bayporters called me.
  • She seemed a little relieved, I thought, but when _I_ asked questions she shut up like a quahaug.
  • If those two had not met I should not be writing this to-day, I might not be writing at all; instead of having become a Bayport "quahaug" I might have been the Lord knows what.
  • She and Jimmie Bacheldor picked up shells, built sand forts, skipped flat stones along the surface of the water at high tide, and picked up scallops and an occasional quahaug at low water.
  • In our own time such words as papoose, sachem, tepee, wigwam and wampum have begun to drop out of everyday use; 11 at an earlier period the language sloughed off ocelot, manitee, calumet, supawn, samp and quahaug, or began to degrade them to the estate of provincialisms.
  • But the Christmas trade had been good and, thanks to Nathaniel's enterprise and effort, the scallop fishermen, the quahaug rakers, and the members of the life-saving crews were once more buying their outfits at the Metropolitan Store instead of patronizing Mr.J. Cohen and The Emporium.
  • I should have been fearful that she was not happy, that she was already repenting her rashness in promising to marry the Bayport "quahaug," but occasionally she looked at me, and, whenever she did, the wireless message our eyes exchanged, sent that quahaug aloft on a flight through paradise.

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