IPA: kwˈeɪɫ


  • Any of various small game birds of the genera Coturnix, Anurophasis or Perdicula in the Old World family Phasianidae or of the New World family Odontophoridae.
  • (uncountable) The meat from this bird eaten as food.
  • (obsolete) A prostitute.
  • A surname from Scottish Gaelic.


  • (intransitive) To waste away; to fade, to wither.
  • (transitive, now rare) To daunt or frighten (someone).
  • (intransitive) To lose heart or courage; to be daunted or fearful.
  • (intransitive) Of courage, faith, etc.: to slacken, to give way.
  • (obsolete) To curdle or coagulate, as milk does.

Examples of "quail" in Sentences

  • A flock of quails is called a bevy.
  • I ate quail along with mashed potatoes.
  • I quail at the thought of participating.
  • Quails are regularly observed in the park.
  • The quail is a gamebird, as is the partridge.
  • Some people are seeing more pheasants and quail.
  • They have been observed eating the eggs of quail.
  • Hunting quail from a mule-drawn wagon is all that.
  • The added bonus of raising quail is their pleasing voices.
  • But their right craft is of the partridge and of the quail.
  • The first battle determines the strongest and healthiest quail.
  • Granted, shooting quail is a lot different, but clays might help work out some fundamental issues.
  • One of the big issues in raising quail is that preditors eat the young birds about as fast as you can release them.
  • He came to know the ground-nesting birds and the difference between the customs of the valley quail, the mountain quail, and the pheasants.
  • So a real bird I'm sure would be like, "Oh my God, listen to that" and they'd be out of there, so they -- they hunt what we call quail tarts, which are specially raised birds that hear noise and go "I'm going to go check that out," walk over and the vice president can just walk right up to them and either shoot them with his gun or hit them in the face with his hammer, whatever he wants to do.

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