IPA: kwˈeɪnt


  • (archaic) The vulva.


  • (obsolete) Of a person: cunning, crafty.
  • (obsolete) Cleverly made; artfully contrived.
  • (now dialectal) Strange or odd; unusual.
  • (obsolete) Overly discriminating or needlessly meticulous; fastidious; prim.
  • Pleasingly unusual; especially, having old-fashioned charm.

Examples of "quaint" in Sentences

  • How quaint the ways of paradox
  • The area is very pristine and quaint.
  • The below is out of date, but quaint.
  • The city is quaint and pedestrian friendly.
  • Many quaint shops exist in the village centre.
  • In the center of the town is a quaint town's park.
  • This quaint small town is home of the Kerrobert Tigers.
  • What is the influence of this very quaint style of mosque
  • They consider the concept of monogamy quaint, but unrealistic.
  • Comforting too is the cozy quaintness of Grisham's little world.
  • Covert, they read, in quaint carved letters under the eave of the porch.
  • The crumbling downtown building represents everything old and quaint from a simpler, slower time.
  • The story starts off in quaint fashion, as Vlad's English teacher gets offed by a mysterious vampire hunting Vlad.
  • Instead, he characterizes what, from the Palestinian point of view is the Israeli land grab, in quaint Israeli partisan terms, ie: family expansion.
  • Elizabeth McCutchen and a friend were walking to book club two weeks ago in quaint Farmville, Virginia, when they strolled by a home on First Avenue.
  • She confesses to Hicks in a letter in 1943 that she had abandoned what you call my 'quaint virginity cult' some time ago & haven't regretted it for one second.
  • PILGRIM: Bill, Bush nominee Alberto Gonzales is in the spotlight because of a memo he wrote to his White House legal counsel talking about new definitions of torture and the Geneva Convention provisions which he called quaint and talking about special people for war on terror, special rules for war on terror.
  • Who that has known a man quick and shrewd to see dispassionately the inner history, the reason and the ends, of the combinations of society, and at the same time eloquent to tell of them, with a hold on the attention gained by a certain quaint force and sagacity resident in no other man, can find it difficult to understand why men still resort to Montesquieu?

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