IPA: kwˈɔrtɪɫ


  • (statistics) Any of the three points that divide an ordered distribution into four parts, each containing a quarter of the population.
  • (statistics) Any one of the four groups so divided.

Examples of "quartile" in Sentences

  • Quartile coefficient of dispersion.
  • The square is also sometimes known as the quartile.
  • Only one of the quartile methods yields an outlier.
  • The square is also sometimes known as the 'quartile'.
  • The rest of the funds dropped to the third or fourth quartile.
  • There is no universal agreement on choosing the quartile values.
  • The upper quartile value is the median of the upper half of the data.
  • Birinyi called that the first phase, or "quartile," of the bull market.
  • He had found, predictably, that kids from the top economic quartile were most likely to go to college.
  • But he also found a lot of kids in the lowest economic quartile who had strong test scores, yet never went on to college.
  • We are not top of the heap by any stretch of the imagination but we are aggressive, we are top quartile, which is where we are in funding.
  • This estimate makes use of the fact that the genes whose test statistics fall in the quartile range will be predominantly the unchanged ones.
  • The elevated OR observed in this study for the highest quartile of pack years smoked might be due to differential participation by controls with a lower pack year history or differential reporting of smoking history by cases and controls.
  • It was a bet on the bottom 3/4th or so of American society, in particular on the second quartile from the bottom, because that’s where the incremental homeowners needed to push the home ownership from 64% to 69% would primarily come from.

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