quartz mill

IPA: kwˈɔrtsmˈɪɫ


  • a stamp mill for stamping quartz

Examples of "quartz-mill" in Sentences

  • Curry mines, and the new hundred-stamp quartz-mill.
  • "The boardin'-house is over to the mill -- the quartz-mill, ten miles down the canon."
  • She made no move towards the quartz-mill, which Gettysburg had indicated, over on the slope.
  • Just at present the tunnel was empty, the glory-hole was deserted, and the quartz-mill was silent.
  • The extra horses were all in requisition to haul the ore to the quartz-mill through a stretch of ten long miles of drifted snow.
  • Yes, and I have shoveled silver tailings in a quartz-mill a couple of weeks, and acquired the last possibilities of culture in that direction.
  • Do you know that he stole all the stamps out of an 8-stamp quartz-mill one night, and brought them home under his overcoat and hid them in the back room?
  • It is like him to wish us to believe that he was obliged to give up being a mining magnate to become a laborer in a quartz-mill, for there is a grim humor in the confession.
  • In ‘Roughing It’ the author tells us that, when flour had reached one dollar a pound and he could no longer get the dollar, he abandoned mining and went to milling “as a common laborer in a quartz-mill at ten dollars a week.”
  • Works of exploration and of "construction", such as will hereafter be pointed out, must, it is true, always precede those of extraction; but a very moderate quartz-mill will easily "dress" ten tons of quartz daily, or three thousand tons per annum, requiring the constant labor of thirty men, as shown by the large experience already gained throughout the

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