IPA: kwˈɔrtsˈoʊz


  • Pertaining to quartz; made of quartz.

Examples of "quartzose" in Sentences

  • Substrate here consists largely of hard, slow-weathering Precambrian quartzose rocks.
  • The Cohansey consists of fine - to coarse-grained quartzose sand with foot-thick lenses of gravel.
  • The ground is rocky, composed principally of quartzose detritus swept down by the constant streams.
  • The Jebel el-Abyaz is apparently the centre of the quartzose outcrop in North Midian (Madyan Proper).
  • The tin is obtained in the form of black grains from beds of quartzose sand, and is melted into ingots in rude clay furnaces.
  • Thick, resistant Pennsylvanian quartzose sandstone caps the ridges and Mississippian limestone, shale, and siltstone are exposed on lower slopes and in valleys.
  • The western region of Tasmania has a rugged topography, with a chain of north-south mountains that were formed as the quartzose basement sediments were folded repeatedly.
  • Although shale is common, there is a mixture and interbedding of geologic materials, including cherts, siltstone, sandstone, quartzose limestone, and in Alabama some slate, quartzite, and metasiltstone.
  • Erosion and the linear formation caused by folding mean that the mountains form strings of isolated, elevated land masses of quartzose substrates, similar to islands scattered throughout an archipelago.
  • On the plateau the stripping away of most of the late Cretaceous rocks has produced a rugged landscape of resistant, flat-bedded quartzose sandstones, criss-crossed by weaker areas that have been deeply eroded into a maze of narrow valleys and gorges.

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