IPA: kwˈɑʃiʌ


  • Any of several tropic trees, of the genus Quassia, having scarlet flowers.
  • The bitter substance quassin extracted from its bark.

Examples of "quassia" in Sentences

  • Quassia is a flora genus in the family Simaroubaceae.
  • Now add quassia chips, blessed thistle, mandrake root.
  • She ripped open a plastic bag and grabbed the quassia chips.
  • One third of a pint of quassia to which add a tablespoonful of rocksalt.
  • Worms located in the posterior bowel may be removed by rectal injections of a weak water infusion of quassia chips.
  • When the quinine ran out they gave Sharpe quassia bark instead, but still the fever raged, and even the Navy's remedy, suggested by Lord Spears, which consisted of gunpowder mixed with brandy, did not work.
  • A slightly splenetic man, possessed of Scott’s sense, would have swept his premises clear of them: Let no blue bottle approach here, to disturb a man in his work, —under pain of sugared squash (called quassia) and king’s yellow!
  • By the simple process of spraying the plant three or four times a day, until it is out of the seed-leaf, and the danger is over, it is possible in the garden to wash out the = Haltica =; and any kind of insecticide or flavouring, such as quassia, may be mingled with the water to render the plants distasteful to the insects.

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