IPA: kwˈɑtɝnʌt


  • Composed of, or arranged in, sets of four.

Examples of "quaternate" in Sentences

  • When a plant bearing a quaternate leaf is thus transplanted however, it rarely repeats the [341] anomaly.
  • Nearly all the individuals produced at least some quaternate leaves, and thereby showed the variety to be quite pure.
  • I have often seen isolated plants with quaternate leaves, but only rarely have I observed individuals with more than one such leaf.
  • In the flowering period I selected four plants with the largest number of quaternate and quinate leaves and destroyed all the others.
  • The European Venus 'looking-glass was observed in my garden to produce some quaternate and some quinate flowers on the same specimens.
  • With buttercups and brambles and many others there is only an increase above the typical five; quaternate flowers are wanting or at least are very rare.
  • The common laburnum has a variety which often produces quaternate and quinate leaves, and in strawberries I have also seen instances of this abnormality.
  • I had the good fortune to find two plants of clover, bearing one quinate and several quaternate leaves, on an excursion in the neighborhood of Loosdrecht in Holland.
  • This number in one summer amounted to 46 quaternate and 16 quinate leaves, and it was evident that I had secured an instance of the rare "five-leaved" race which I am about to describe.
  • Often all these deviations may be seen among the seedlings of one lot, and then it is obvious that together they constitute a scale of cleavages, the ternate and quaternate whorls being only cases where the cleaving has reached its greatest development.

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