IPA: kwˈɛɫɪŋ


  • The act by which something is quelled.


  • causing something to quell or be quelled

Examples of "quelling" in Sentences

  • Education is itself one of the greatest factors in quelling sedition.
  • An early statement from Obama regarding that would be helpful in quelling them.
  • Sure, the recent surge seems to have caused a short-term quelling of violence, like in Anbar province.
  • The remedy is as drastic as are the drugs used for epilepsy, which in quelling the spasm bring idiocy to the patient.
  • (Those corrupt UN officials REALLY know how to relate to rogue governments – and SO effective in quelling senseless brutality and murder!)
  • As some may have read, on September 11, 2010, the New York Timesreported that Microsoft was actively participating with the Russian government in quelling dissent organizations.
  • Gendarmes circle in white vans, often supported by units from the CRS Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité, who made their name quelling riots during more idealistic days on the Left Bank, most notably spring 1968.
  • The government troops sent to subdue the rebels had been, on account of their inadequate numbers, hewn down, harrassed and beaten year after year, and only succeeded finally in quelling the outbreak because of a dissension among the Mohammedans themselves as to whether the Koran sanctioned the use of tobacco.

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