IPA: rˈɑbɑt


  • A polishing material made of potter's clay that has failed in baking.
  • (countable) A piece of fabric fitted to the collar covering the shirt-front worn by Catholic and Anglican clergy.
  • (countable) The clerical linen collar itself.
  • The capital city of Morocco, and capital city of the region of Rabat-Sale-Kenitra, Morocco.


  • To rotate a plane of projection.

Examples of "rabat" in Sentences

  • Argentina has an embassy in Rabat.
  • The club is located in the town of Rabat.
  • Acolytes do not wear a clerical collar or rabat.
  • The institute is located in the capital city Rabat.
  • Rabat officially claimed he died of a car accident.
  • The library is located in Rabat with a branch in Tetouan.
  • Acolytes do not wear a clerical collar or rabat clothing .
  • Article states cassock was replaced by a black shirt with rabat.
  • J'me rabat sur soulseek tant pis ... mais la j'suis trop deg ç_ç
  • The existing A2 from Rabat to Fez is extended all the way to Oujda.
  • Russia has an embassy in Rabat, and a consular office in Casablanca.
  • He wore a roman collar fitted to a biblike cloth called a rabat and over this a dark jacket with pocket square and he could have been George the Waiter’s tailored master in black and white.
  • The door burst open and, framed against the light, dressed in a black suit and Roman collar and black rabat, was a compact, well-groomed man with a 1911 U.S. Army model .45 automatic in each hand.
  • And a good restaurant too. koh lanta old town hammock shop – we bought a great hammock in Koh Lanta that doubled as a top sheet when need be for the rest of the trip. fes to rabat train – easy and fairly frequent.
  • In the meantime, in November 1974, in rabat Morocco, at a meeting of the Arab League, he had conceded a separation between Jordan and Palestine and that Yasir Arafat was the only legitimate ruler of the Palestinian people.
  • But I think that he and the Muslims in general really want to build this thing on that site, and it's vitally important to them because it is not just a mosque, but a "rabat," a building that Muslims build on a site just after they conquer it to use as their base of operations in the newly conquered territory.

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