IPA: rˈæbʌneɪt


  • The office or function of a rabbi.
  • A body of rabbis.
  • Rabbis collectively.

Examples of "rabbinate" in Sentences

  • It was bitterly opposed by the rabbinate.
  • So what is the chief rabbi and the rabbinate and the rabbinical courts
  • So what, exactly, does the rabbinate at Beth Emet aim to persuade its membership to do?
  • For Reform Judaism, at least in its American and British forms, the rabbinate is a job, not a calling.
  • Beth Emet The Free Synagogue officially places no restrictions—ideological or otherwise—upon the rabbinate or individual members.
  • American Jews are upset that the conversion bill making its way through the Knesset will, for the first time, give sole control over conversions to Israel's chief rabbinate, which is dominated by Orthodox Jews.
  • The problems of balancing career and home life are particularly acute in a calling such as the rabbinate, which is still defined and experienced as much as a personal commitment as it is a professional commitment.
  • In recent decades, as professional areas such as rabbinate and cantorate have opened to women, and as academic opportunities at university levels have expanded, women’s involvement in Jewish museums has increased.
  • Women in Orthodoxy have fewer rights than men in several areas, including divorce, the prayer space and the rabbinate, and he lamented that while progress has been made, the community still "falls short of this goal in many ways."

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