IPA: rʌbˈɪnɪk


  • Relating to rabbis.
  • Formulated or enacted by rabbis.

Examples of "rabbinic" in Sentences

  • Decline of rabbinical influence.
  • In classical rabbinic literature.
  • In the Bible and rabbinic literature.
  • It is not a governmental production but rabbinical.
  • The institution has a non rabbinical and rabbinical track.
  • So what is the chief rabbi and the rabbinate and the rabbinical courts
  • He had at this juncture the intention of adopting the rabbinical career.
  • This marks the transformation of Pharisaic Judaism into Rabbinic Judaism.
  • Jesus gave his teaching in a "rabbinic" form that could easily be memorized.
  • In rabbinic tradition, there are 70 tutelary angels called angels of presence.
  • In so doing, they have effectively put an end to the notion of rabbinic authority.
  • Perhaps, especially as Mr. Voight is fond of celebrating Jewish wisdom, he might recall the rabbinic prescription to assume the best about those with whom we deal.
  • Other rituals have sought to sanctify significant non-biological turning points, such as rabbinic ordination, moving across country, becoming a vegetarian, or coming out as a lesbian.
  • My reading in the fathers and the mothers of the church -- assisted by my discovery of what I would call rabbinic, midrashic Bible-reading -- has me thinking that all of creation is implicated in this phenomenon we variously call salvation, redemption, reconciliation.

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