IPA: rʌbˈɪnɪkʌɫ


  • Of or relating to rabbis, their writings, or their work.

Examples of "rabbinical" in Sentences

  • Decline of rabbinical influence.
  • It is not a governmental production but rabbinical.
  • The institution has a non rabbinical and rabbinical track.
  • So what is the chief rabbi and the rabbinate and the rabbinical courts
  • He had at this juncture the intention of adopting the rabbinical career.
  • Hence arose a new form of written Hebrew, called rabbinical from its origin and use among the rabbins.
  • Marmur, vice-president of Hebrew Union College, a Reform Judaism institution, called the rabbinical declarations "shameful, harmful and wrong."
  • These discussion are nostalgically reminiscent of various conversations I might have participated in in religious class at school and are also a nod to the kind of rabbinical debates that lead to schools of thought on Jewish laws like, but in tongue and cheek.
  • However, it was in rabbinical school that I came into contact with the other "flavors" of Judaism, praying each Shabbat at an Orthodox shul, engaging in Torah study with a Reconstructionist rabbi and training as a hospital chaplain with a Reform rabbinical student.
  • One amendment effectively would expel from the council any member who "attempts to ordain as a member of the rabbinate, or to denominate as 'rabbinical' or as 'clergy,' a person not eligible to serve as such as those terms are understood under the policies and positions of the RCA."

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