rabbit food

IPA: rˈæbʌtfˈud


  • A type of food specially formulated for the feeding of rabbits
  • (informal, derogatory) Salad vegetables, such as carrots, celery or lettuce.

Examples of "rabbit-food" in Sentences

  • Not that anyone cared about her perpetual rabbit-food diet except herself.
  • Our rabbit-food nibbling betters simply sneer and proclaim from the heights of their emaciated battlements: “Let them eat rice cakes!”
  • For many of us me included, it’s easier to be extreme than to be moderate, and so we find ourselves jumping back and forth between eating a rabbit-food and a junk-food diet.
  • ANOTHER salad from europa, my boyfriend suggested energy kitchen. took a little hopskip over to their website and -- glory be! there's one right here in HK! tah dah! ostrich burger, check. steamed mushrooms and broccoli, check. i thought i had found my answer to the rabbit-food lunch conundrum!

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