rabbit hutch

IPA: rˈæbʌthˈʌtʃ


  • A cage for keeping a rabbit or rabbits.

Examples of "rabbit-hutch" in Sentences

  • The first use he made of his freedom was to demolish a rabbit-hutch which was in the stable.
  • 'Oh, Mother, I don't believe it will rain, and I do want to finish painting this rabbit-hutch!
  • Into an anonymous post-war building made of ferro-concrete, made up of usagigoya, tiny rabbit-hutch apartments.
  • The young couple on the lawn left the unfinished rabbit-hutch and paint-pots and strolled towards a garden-seat.
  • It's possible that you left the book among the straw you put in your rabbit-hutch; there would be nothing unusual about that.
  • Jimmy went in first, then ushered Dillon into Newman's rabbit-hutch of an office above a clothing shop in Leather Lane, just off Hatton Garden.
  • Near this bench there rose, after the fashion in orchard-gardens, a sort of large chest, of beams and planks, much dilapidated, a rabbit-hutch on the ground floor, a fruit-closet on the first.
  • Astrid unlocked the door to her flat, which proved to be hardly larger than a rabbit-hutch, consisting, as far as I could see, of a tiny sitting-room with an equally tiny bedroom leading off it.
  • Every forge has its sheep, every shop its pen like a rabbit-hutch, made out of the side of a box, where the sheep lives when it is not lying just at the threshold of the shop in the sun, beside a half-finished meal of bran in a box.
  • The latter sentences were spoken from the forecastle, whither Davies had crept through a low sliding door, like that of a rabbit-hutch, and was already busy with a kettle over a stove which I made out to be a battered and disreputable twin brother of the No. 3 Rippingille.

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