rabbit warren

IPA: rˈæbʌtwˈɔrʌn


  • An underground system of interconnected tunnels occupied by rabbits.
  • A confusingly labyrinthine environment.

Examples of "rabbit-warren" in Sentences

  • The rabbit-warren still continued to supply the larder of
  • The rabbit-warren of possible routes just doesn't reach any farther.
  • There is a rabbit-warren on the north-east of the island, belonging to the
  • Dotted around this rabbit-warren of a convention centre are cut-outs of David Miliband based on that infamous photo ofhim posing with a banana.
  • He lives in an extraordinary house in the middle of Melbourne, a converted warehouse with a rabbit-warren of rooms all full of books, animal heads and other objects.
  • It couldn't have taken more than 2 hours, and that included making room in the garage, driving to the storage unit, maneuvering it out the rabbit-warren of little cubes, down the elevator and into my uncle's truck, and driving very slowly back home.
  • With handsome turrets and fascinating rabbit-warren corridors, the castle features 99 enormous rooms and suites, each individually decorated, and a plethora of outdoor activities including an award-winning parkland golf course, falconry, clay shooting, archery and tennis.

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