rabble rouser

IPA: rˈæbʌɫraʊzɝ


  • (idiomatic) Someone or something that tends to inspire mobs; something controversial or provocative.


IPA: rˈæbʌɫrˈaʊsɝ


  • Alternative form of rabble rouser [(idiomatic) Someone or something that tends to inspire mobs; something controversial or provocative.]

Examples of "rabblerouser" in Sentences

    Examples of "rabble-rouser" in Sentences

    • In short, I wish he would be more of a rabble-rouser.
    • You can buttress a rabble-rouser at conferences and other events.
    • Just like you coming on here and trying your damnedest to be a rabble-rouser amuses you.
    • Some began to approach us because they recognized the rabble-rouser described in the newspapers.
    • Putting on a jacket was already a big step for Mr. Leung, who usually wears a Che Guevera T-shirt and is known as a rabble-rouser.
    • That means that the majority of people in my fine land might actually perceive its trans-Fox News right wing rabble-rouser rhetoric as reality.
    • Vendola's idiom - part university professor, part rabble-rouser, part abstract poet - distinguishes him from the predictable rhetoric of Italian politicians.
    • I find Krugman's journalism to be pretty disgraceful - to me he comes across as a power-seeking rabble-rouser, who is trading on his high professional reputation as an economist.
    • Though he often exhibits dangerous, left-wing, rabble-rouser predilections; Mr. Herbert has neither the following nor the organizational skills necessary to form a cohesive and hostile, Rabble-Rousing Unit.

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