IPA: rˈæbɪd


  • A human or animal infected with rabies.
  • Someone who is fanatical in opinion.


  • Affected with rabies.
  • Of or pertaining to rabies, or hydrophobia.
  • Furious; raging; extremely violent.
  • Very extreme, unreasonable, or fanatical in opinion; excessively zealous.

Examples of "rabid" in Sentences

  • The wolves were not rabid.
  • They are as rabid as the virusmyth crowd.
  • Rabid Rebecca is the toughest teen in town.
  • I am a rabid persuer of the Inquisitorial creed.
  • Let's treat all the Blacks like the rabid beasts.
  • In 2003, rabid wolves were reported in the district.
  • You are not the only rabid anti Mormon in the world.
  • It's obviously the work of rabid Polish nationalists.
  • A crescendo of Buffy hatred from the most rabid Spike fans.
  • The rabid cynicism is overtly present and needs to be adressed.
  • Ms. DICKINSON: Well, use of the word rabid and party in the same sentence, not so much.
  • I responded supporting the author and used the term rabid, as she did, to side with her.
  • BATF has a history in rabid enforcement of gun laws against people who have little or no means to fight back.
  • Mugridge seemed to be in rabid fear of the water, and he exhibited a nimbleness and speed we did not dream he possessed.
  • Some older voters recall the rabid anti-Semites once prominent in the American far-right as well as the more genteel exclusionism practiced by more refined upper-class Republicans.
  • Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, says she's scared of what she calls the rabid Republican who lives across the street from her house.
  • Teams that have a large amount of fans that have such an obsession with their team that their lives are practically based around the team are often called rabid fans (OhioFinFan4Life).
  • And there is a fundamental problem with logic: why are those people that he identifies as rabid anti-Semites confiding in him of all people, and revealing their innermost thoughts to him?
  • As to "rabid" - that may be a bit extreme almost said "bite" extreme but the fact that ms. closedmind resorts to Michelle Malkin as a proof-source should make everyone on the planet shutter.

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