IPA: rʌbˈɪdʌti


  • rabidness

Examples of "rabidity" in Sentences

  • The film will make (apparently based on the fan rabidity) a lot of money and the fans will get their movie.
  • But nowhere does he advocate any kind of rabidity, in fact as we all know it was totally alien to his nature & ways.
  • I kinda think they'd make a good live performance, lots of scope for snarly, froth-mouthed rabidity, which is always entertaining.
  • However I will blast it to Mars if it shows signs of sickness or rabidity or signs of aggression towards any of my family or animals.
  • Perhaps if I had displayed a bit more rabidity at the used-book store when there was a copy of this book on the shelves, a couple of months back, it might be in my hands instead of the hands of another reader.
  • And the rabidity of the vocal right-wing masses was illustrated again recently when author, columnist, and frequent cable news commentator David Sirota shared the following development: "Just received a full-on death threat for my CNN appearance discussing the racial undertones of the tea party protests."

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