IPA: rˈæbɪdɫi


  • In a rabid manner.

Examples of "rabidly" in Sentences

  • I would say that wanting to set a deadline and yank the troops makes you "rabidly" anti-war.
  • As I said in another context a few days ago, I had a rabidly Arthurian phase when I was a teenager.
  • You were raised a Mormon, so now you rabidly avoid anything that remotely resembles an established religion?
  • It is an essential and very popular form of government intervention – even among our more rabidly conservative citizens.
  • And although President Bush himself was somewhat actually compassionately conservative on immigration reform, his party was rabidly xenophobic and racist on the matter.
  • At the time I had no reason to doubt Darko’s word and assisted him in rabidly writing an open letter to all the United Nations member state missions exposing him as such.
  • So being accused of 'going over the line' in defense of progressivism by that kind of rabidly racist, right-wing hate rag is just about the funniest thing I've ever heard. "

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