IPA: rˈæbɪdnʌs


  • The property of being rabid.

Examples of "rabidness" in Sentences

  • Furthermore, due to the rabidness of the fan base exhibited by much of the comments I have read.
  • As far as 'rabidness' or being 'venomous' goes, I'm sure as s-h-i-t not going to feel bad about spitting bile ...
  • Now that she has gone over the top in rabidness I bet she will get foundation sponsorship and a permanent gig somewhere.
  • He also makes it clear that you should STFU and not judge others, and that hatred, bigotry and right wing rabidness are evil.
  • The vehemence and rabidness which you devote to the Israeli/Arab conflict contrasted with the lack of coverage and content on other conflicts worldwide belies your true motivations.
  • The synopsis covers the basics - after a discussion of the bad song survey including the scary rabidness of Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow fans, it's broken up into the different "genres."
  • From the "tone" of most comments on this post, not only is there a rabidness among the majority (the silencing of Rush that parallels the thinking "my country - right or wrong") but there is also a deep sense of depression (for lack of a better word), as well.

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