race driver

IPA: rˈeɪsdraɪvɝ


  • someone who drives racing cars at high speeds

Examples of "race-driver" in Sentences

  • He would have loved trailing a race-driver with a classic car.
  • The three of them had captured Belinda's race-driver TK, and he was even better than anyone had hoped for.
  • And James Dean was considered by his peers to be an excellent race-driver with great potential in the sport.
  • Also gone are agreements with Earnhardt's sister, Kelly Earnhardt Elledge, and his race-driver brother, Kerry Earnhardt, Futterer said.
  • Ex race-driver Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) is set up for the murder of his wife and sent to a futuristic penitentiary to serve out his sentence.
  • She remembered the incongruous picture of a horse trotting through the night behind her first rental car, after the damned race-driver stole it-and the way the Chevy was mysteriously missing when she went back to try stealing it.

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