race problem

IPA: rˈeɪsprˈɑbɫʌm


  • a social and political problem caused by conflict between races occupying the same or adjacent regions

Examples of "race-problem" in Sentences

  • It seems very clear; this race-problem is likely to be our problem as a Nation always.
  • There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.
  • There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well ....
  • We white people of the South have more at stake in this race-problem than other white men and women of any nation can have.
  • This we may certainly depend on; if the negroes were moved en masse to some other section of our country, they would carry their race-problem with them.
  • American who perceives that in spite of the triumph of emancipation, in which Garrison had his fair share of glory, many aspects of our race-problem remain unsolved.
  • But why should the South be the chosen field for working out this stupendous race-problem that involves, as surely as the world moves or stands, the destiny of two continents?
  • In order that another race-problem shall be injected into the social and political perplexities with which the United States in the great experiment of popular government is already struggling? in order that
  • The present difficulties of our hard and tangled race-problem cannot be understood or mastered without some knowledge of the blunders, follies, and sins of both sides, as connected with various enterprises set on foot in the North, and designed to teach and to evangelize the negroes.
  • With these insects the only race-problem is to maintain and reproduce the species, and such a condition is not necessarily evil; but with a race like ours, whose development as human creatures is but comparatively begun, it is evil because of its check to individual and racial progress.

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