race riot

IPA: rˈeɪsrˈaɪʌt


  • a riot caused by hatred for one another of members of different races in the same community

Examples of "race-riot" in Sentences

  • I guess "on slow days we race-riot" was already taken?
  • Has ANYBODY considered the race-riot which may result from Obama losing the race for president?
  • This was the time of Harlem's second large-scale race-riot, which started when a white police officer shot a black soldier.
  • The Star Trek universe is remarkably free of crime, disease, and race-riot, and apparently all goods are distributed free of charge hot from the replicator and beamed into your house.
  • Think bright colors, manic delivery turned to "11" at all times, meta film commentary (race-riot footage spliced in just for the sake of calling attention to film editing), characters named "Princess" and "Meankiiid," "radicool dudicals" -- it's all very
  • Those who pass for indigenous English are kicked as hard as anyone, being extremely prone to race-riot, although they are somewhat humanised by the cockney-sparrer landlady Ida, an eternal figure in the production, presumably named after Graham Greene's barmaid in
  • Not to mention the fact that this year we also saw a very sad example of how the behavior Dubi describes here can turn into a full-blown race-riot, after the Arab driver of a car driving around the mixed city of Akko Acre was stoned and almost lynched by Jewish crowds.
  • What an ironic coincidence that the architect for the 1930's most deluxe tower for the affluent also led the team that planned the Harlem River Houses, some of the nation's first federally subsidize housing for the poor, built in response to the Harlem race-riot of 1935.

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