IPA: rˈeɪskɑrd


  • (sports) Alternative form of race card [The invocation of a person's race in a discussion in order to score points in that discussion.]

Examples of "racecard" in Sentences

  • At that point, he played the hell out of the racecard.
  • The racecard has long been brought up by Obama and all of his brainwashed followers.
  • "Within the racecard will be a voucher for a free cup of tea or coffee, courtesy of our catering partners, Sodexo.
  • He learned also the name of each horse and made sure the jockeys carried on their number cloths the corresponding numbers on the racecard.
  • There is no frost in the ground, but our protective covers are still frozen to the grass with some frozen snow on top of them, so we have no alternative but to abandon Boxing Day's racecard.
  • The champion trainer, Paul Nicholls, was the celebrity under the spotlight in the official racecard questionnaire for day three of the Festival, citing roast pork as his favourite food, bad time-keeping as his pet hate and AP McCoy as the person he admires most.
  • Someone who had spent his career as the pre-eminent Republican Negro of his day, bashing the affirmative action programs he had benefited from, in October 1991 suddenly found his further advancement in jeopardy, whereupon he immediately played the hell out of the racecard.
  • Some 15 years ago, the Aintree field was still largely made up of horses that would have been better employed in front of a cart: The number of horses out of the handicap — and therefore carrying the minimum 10st weight — on the final racecard could sometimes account for 70% of the field.

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