IPA: reɪsˈikɔrs


  • A course over which races are run.
  • (Britain) A racetrack where horse races are run.

Examples of "racecourse" in Sentences

  • A racecourse is a horse racing track.
  • The racecourse is set on a golf course.
  • Plumpton racecourse is within the district.
  • The camp was originally a horse racecourse.
  • The Sha Tin Racecourse is in the foreground.
  • Speedway racing was staged at the racecourse.
  • Before, that particular place was a racecourse.
  • The south circuit is the other half of the racecourse.
  • In 1893 it was the unsuccessful site for a racecourse.
  • 'The racecourse is a private limited company, as I expect you know.
  • During the course of the year the racecourse hosts hobby and antique fairs.
  • The racecourse was a large three-mile ring of the form of an ellipse in front of the pavilion.
  • This year's event will take place at the racecourse, meaning people can watch from the comfort of the grandstand.
  • Gerard Butler, by getting up at 5am and running laps around New Jersey's Monmouth Park racecourse, which is near where she has been shooting on location.
  • I know John Oxx says he's careful not to get into an argument with him at home but what we see on the racecourse is a horse that can take the big occasion.
  • Wagering on horses in Saratoga Springs started in the mid-19th century, and the racecourse is home to one of the oldest thoroughbred stakes in the country: the Travers, first run in 1864.
  • Sixth comes the river Hypakyris, which starts from a lake, and flowing through the midst of the nomad Scythians runs out into the sea by the city of Carkinitis, skirting on its right bank the region of Hylaia and the so-called racecourse of Achilles.
  • Following the detectives the other members of the party came in straggling order, and it was well after 10 o’clock when the real business of the day was commenced in the top paddock at Kilmany Park, about a mile and a half further on than what is known as the racecourse paddock.

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