IPA: reɪsˈim


  • (botany) An indeterminate inflorescence in which the flowers are arranged along a single central axis.

Examples of "raceme" in Sentences

  • The axis of the raceme is glandular.
  • The flowers are often in drooping racemes.
  • A compound raceme is often called a panicle.
  • The inflorescence is a raceme of several flowers.
  • The flowers are yellow, produced on a terminal raceme.
  • The inflorescence is a congested or lax terminal raceme.
  • Inflorescences are raceme panicles, with a yellow corolla.
  • The inflorescence is a panicle or raceme with small bracts.
  • The flowers are white or pink, in usually pendulous racemes.
  • Several of these are arranged in racemes on an elongated scape.
  • One of the specimens had a raceme of flowers above a foot long.
  • The flowers are cinnamon-scented, sessile in 1-2 simple raceme-like spikes from the axils.
  • When she removed it to join in the raceme qua­drille, the torchlight caught the deep auburn tints of her hair.
  • The sun-bird flashes from raceme to raceme, sampling a dozen blooms, while his noisy rival sips with the air of a connoisseur at one.
  • The flower cluster (raceme), supported on a stout stalk, consists of 180 to 200 short-stalked flowers arranged in threes around the axis.
  • The flower cluster (raceme), 'supported on a stout stalk, consists of 180 to 200 short-stalked flowers arranged in threes around the axis.
  • In the monstrous fruit the axis is prolonged, and forms a kind of raceme or catkin, surrounded at the base by numerous bracts, as in many _Amentaceæ_.
  • Birth flower, May, lily of the valley, stemless convallariaceous herb, Convallaria majalis, with a raceme of drooping, bell-shaped fragrant white flowers.
  • The raceme, which appears about the sixth to the tenth month, will take sixty days more to ripen; good stocks produce three and more bunches a year, each weighing from twenty to eighty pounds.

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