IPA: rˈeɪsɝ


  • Someone who takes part in a race.
  • A racehorse.
  • A vehicle or other device used for, or designed specifically for, racing.
  • An animal known for its fast speed, or suitable for racing; applied especially to a number of North American snakes, certain kinds of lake trout, etc.
  • Any of several genera of colubrid snakes.
  • (video games, informal) A video game involving racing of any kind.
  • A surname from German.

Examples of "racer" in Sentences

  • Enough with the ridge racer jokes.
  • But no racer had a point deduction.
  • An older version of the famed racer.
  • He then threw the racer into the Sun.
  • Hartman was a second generation racer.
  • Ceal Cousins is a racer on a motorcycle.
  • Jimmy Cousins is a racer on a motorcycle.
  • But the Christian racer is at no such uncertainty.
  • Gravid female racers have been obtained in early summer.
  • Virgil was trained as a flat racer, buggy racer and jumper.
  • The arena is the home of the Murray State Racers Basketball teams.
  • An electric drag racer is just a cordless drill with wheels, enthusiasts joke.
  • This bandy-legged, sawed-off little rat racer is awfully interesting in its own right.
  • Decades later this racer, which is on display at Mercedes' Stuttgart museum, is still an icon.
  • (Though I know of one person who has been tricked into clicking a headline containing a sole keyword-'racer'-that, as she put it, "seemed like it was going to be about Lance Armstrong, but wasn't.")
  • June 15, 2009 at 10:41 am oh, fank gudness yoo iz allrite! wuldnt want uniquekitty to be mad at me. *dusts off plasticat, puts lego racer bakk togevver, makes shur steering weel iz put in gud an tite, puts plasticat in racer*
  • The great speed racer is well for everyone, the past, the present, even if you weren't a fan like me you know deep down the film looks wicked. some say it looks too cartoonish hell thats the point and the first trailer sucked but did u see the others, i hope so then you would understand what im saying. finally hell boy 2. show looks awesome, giant monsters, selma blair on fire and big frickin guns, im down with that. darrin on Apr 23, 2008

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