IPA: rˈeɪstræk


  • A course over which any type of races are run.
  • A characteristic circular erosion pattern in deposition processes.

Examples of "racetrack" in Sentences

  • The racetrack was 2km long.
  • Chivalry is dead on the racetrack.
  • This was the former site of the Dufferin racetrack.
  • The silver horses represent the district racetrack.
  • At the age of six, he was returned to the racetrack.
  • The whole gang go to the racetrack to watch the race.
  • In 1958, the race was moved to the Aqueduct Racetrack.
  • The future of the racetrack holdings remains uncertain.
  • The name of the racetrack was changed to Balmoral Park.
  • The main attraction of the town is the Misano racetrack.
  • The racetrack is part of a special sports zone that will include a new cricket stadium.
  • At the time, many lawmakers assumed the racetrack was the leading location for a slots parlor.
  • Borel is beloved in racetrack circles, but he has not always been appreciated as a man who makes up in substance what he lacks in style.
  • "We think the revitalization of that racetrack is dependent on having slots," said Schippers, whose company was not an owner of Laurel when bids were first taken.
  • "Any time a driver can accomplish goals and put himself in the realm of conversation about who has a chance to win at any kind of racetrack, that is what he wants to do."
  • Between now and Oct, 20, when Fasig-Tipton holds its next big sale, fence builders and landscapers will race to complete a 40-foot by 100-foot stone "racetrack" - an oval planter at the new entrance.

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