IPA: rˈeɪsweɪ


  • A place where races are held; a racetrack.
  • An easily-accessible conduit or tray for organizing runs of data or power cabling.
  • The canal for the current that drives a water wheel.

Examples of "raceway" in Sentences

  • Pocono Raceway has a unique design.
  • Raceway ponds may be less expensive.
  • He was the manager of the raceway until 1995.
  • The raceway hosted the event until it closed.
  • Apart from that, it is a generic derby raceway.
  • To the east of the lake is the Lakeside Raceway.
  • The other raceway comprises separate arcuate raceway sections.
  • Lubricant is forced into the raceways by the lubricating elements.
  • In the joint, the raceways of the tulip element have the shape of a torus.
  • One of the rings has a planar raceway and the other ring has a grooved raceway.
  • The PGP raceway is a competitive go-kart track that Daab says reminds him of the Zolder, Belgium, course.
  • As for the closings being because of a safety issue, she said it would be safer to keep Daugherty open, as South Street would become a "raceway" because traffic would be rerouted there.
  • MRI recently activated an open pond "raceway" cultivation system at its laboratory in Palm Bay, Fla., and a continuous flow, closed loop photobioreactor at its field station near Kansas City, Mo.
  • That said: he bet the zone is correct and that either an accident/near accident or complaints that a section of road so near a school zone had become a "raceway" lead to putting a cop there to slow traffic down.
  • The two pick up trucks, a 1995 Ford F-150 and a 1971 Ford F-100, are currently delivered to Top Gun Raceway for each racing event to be used by the Fallon / Churchill Volunteer Fire Department for emergency use at the raceway, which is owned by the county.
  • He also will oversee the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the "raceway" portion of the nursery that leads into the Lehigh Parkway so that visitors will not have to walk onto the precarious berm of Fish Hatchery Road to make their way into the parkway.

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