IPA: rˈeɪtʃˈɪtɪk


  • (medicine) Pertaining to or affected by rickets.
  • Feeble, in a weak or precarious condition.

Examples of "rachitic" in Sentences

  • The girl was not rachitic or in a state of malnutrition.
  • Just so people know, anti-rachitic means "therapeutically effective against rickets."
  • A rachitic Jewess cleans the barracks, the boy's eye turns, with pity, with lust; he gives her bread.
  • As the bone presents no sign of rachitic degeneration, it may be supposed that an injury sustained during life was the cause of the anchylosis.
  • Common features of rickets include softness of the infant's skull (craniotabes) and enlargement of the front end of the ribs (creating the "rachitic rosary").
  • Of course milk has lost part of its merit as a source of vit D because, as weston price put it, "the anti-rachitic value of the milk depends on the degreee of insolation of the cow".
  • Using tables to explain the required levels of these key nutrients, the publication offers illustrations of various problems such as rachitic rosaries and abnormal bone formation caused when producers do not provide adequate levels of calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D3.
  • At a time when huge problems -- from the cataclysm in the Gulf of Mexico, to the disaster in Afghanistan, to the collapse of the Greek economy -- beg for the full, muscular engagement of scholars and scientists, most of what the American academia has to offer is rachitic, self-aggrandizing, and blatantly irrelevant.
  • Otherwise, unless it had been such a grim day that he could only stare at his kitchen wall and drink beer, he would get his chess set and walk down to the park, past the weary peddler women chanting house-to-house, past the packs of rachitic, turd-colored dogs, past the crazy man who squatted by the Church of the Sacred Heart sweeping handfuls of dirt across his chest.

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