IPA: rˈækˈaɪtʌs


  • (pathology) Rickets.
  • (botany) A disease that produces abortion in the fruit.

Examples of "rachitis" in Sentences

  • I used "rickets" to refer to symptoms and not to the etiology of rachitis, just as I might say that Johnson's asthma was produced by kidney trouble.
  • This is due, supposedly, to a lack of mineral substance in the bony structure of the affected animals, and is known as rachitis -- commonly called rickets.
  • Occasionally one may observe in suckling colts outward luxation of the patella wherein there is history of navel infection and no marked evidence of rachitis is present.
  • At school, I was taught that rachitis results from an inadequate absorption of calcium or phosphate, although a lack of vitamin D is generally what leads to that deficiency.
  • Softening of the bones, known as osteomalacia, curvature of the spine, rachitis and many other terrible conditions of disease would not be known to humanity if proper precaution were taken in time.
  • Although Virchow finds on it evidences of rachitis in youth and of gout in old age, as well as of injuries, it nevertheless can not have been changed in its _fundamental form_ by any sickness, even according to Virchow.
  • Its various forms of disease, -- such as deficient development of bone; osteomalacia, -- softening of the bones; flat foot; caries -- molecular decay or death of the bones, especially of the teeth, -- are based mostly upon rachitis (rickets).
  • This composition becomes an absolute essential in all cases of imperfect bone structure, such as rachitis, or rickets, constitutional disease of children, osteomalacia, tuberculosis of the bones, deformity of bone structure, such as curvature of the spine, etc.
  • The research carried out in recent years, in which Windaus himself has also played a leading part, has revealed the very important fact that, on being irradiated with ultraviolet light, this ergosterol assumes exactly the same properties as the antirachitic vitamin, "vitamin D", i.e. it will cure rachitis

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