IPA: rˈeɪʃʌɫ


  • (gaming) A skill possessed by all characters of a certain race.


  • Of or relating to a race (or a people).

Examples of "racial" in Sentences

  • Racialism is the foundation of racism.
  • There appears to be no racial predilection.
  • There was a racial conflict in the country.
  • I was not making the appology of racialism.
  • It is the exact language of racial segregation.
  • The revival of racial equality in the United States.
  • It was the revival of racial equality in the United States.
  • The victims were members of the Congress Of Racial Equality.
  • He protested segregation in the Army and racial discrimination in the UAW.
  • The law and even the constitution discriminate its citizen on racial basis.

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