racial discrimination

IPA: rˈeɪʃʌɫdɪskrɪmʌneɪʃʌn


  • Discrimination on grounds of race or ethnicity.

Examples of "racial-discrimination" in Sentences

  • Last fall he won an unprecedented $176 million settlement against Texaco in a racial-discrimination suit.
  • The state has secretly settled an embarrassing federal racial-discrimination lawsuit, The Post has learned.
  • Although she never called herself a feminist, Simon worked actively to end sexual-and racial-discrimination throughout her career.
  • Dyches wrote, "" My opinion is that Daryl is trying to use the threat of a racial-discrimination incident or action as a lever to get what he wants.
  • Since settling a 2002 racial-discrimination claim against his longtime employers at the SEC, the lawyer has worked for himself -- and he's representing himself in the James case.
  • Last year, the number of accusations of employer retaliation — allegations that an employer retaliated against an employee for complaining internally or with the EEOC — outnumbered racial-discrimination charges for the first time since the EEOC started operating in 1965.
  • Lockheed Martin Corp. agreed to pay a former African-American employee $2.5 million to settle a discrimination suit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which described the settlement as the largest individual racial-discrimination payment obtained by the agency.

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