racial profiling

IPA: rˈeɪʃʌɫproʊfaɪɫɪŋ


  • (public policy, law enforcement) The practice (usually considered discreditable), by some police and other officials, of treating members of certain racial groups as more likely to be involved in criminal or other antisocial behavior than members of other racial groups.

Examples of "racial-profiling" in Sentences

  • Truck driver forced to show birth certificate claims racial-profiling
  • Arpaio will meet with Rev. Al Sharpton, who accused Arpaio of racial-profiling and called for his resignation, in a debate today.
  • Secure Communities overcame the concerns of some sheriffs, such as Simpson and Barry, by allowing checks of every arrestee, to avoid racial-profiling accusations.
  • Mr. Hurt repeated the familiar GOP talking point that the Arizona racial-profiling law was necessary because the Federal government had failed in its responsibility to secure our border with Mexico.
  • Arpaio also has 2,700 lawsuits collecting dust on his desk and is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice following racial-profiling and discrimination complaints against his office.
  • He debunks the entire racial-profiling effort that Arizona Bill SB 1070 addresses in which, according to Davis "certain physical features which are generalized to those of the Latino Community" will undoubtedly be used by officers when they decide who to stop and check for immigration documents.

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