IPA: rˈeɪʃʌɫɪzʌm


  • (Britain, dated) Tribalism, nationalism.
  • The belief that humans can be categorized as belonging to distinct races, each race being characterized by fixed and heritable traits.
  • Racism, the belief in the existence of different races and the belief that some races are superior to other races; policies or practices which promote the dominance of one or more races over other races.

Examples of "racialism" in Sentences

  • Racialism is the foundation of racism.
  • I was not making the appology of racialism.
  • No, in fact, racialism and racism are synonymous.
  • That would be the articles on racism and racialism.
  • In contrast, Obama’s emotional racialism is not at all ancient history.
  • As this passage shows, London's Social Darwinism usually mixed with his interest in racialism.
  • The BCB yesterday issued a public apology to Dowlin for its "racialism" remark and its implications.
  • Rather than engage honestly with guilt, they project an outward posture of non-racialism, which is false.
  • It might seem that that post racialism is finally here, which was first suggested in the manner Colin Powell is respected.
  • These people write reasonable, well-balanced letters, disclaim any belief in racialism, and back up everything they say with copious instances.
  • Even so, not a murmur from any BBC correspondent about the victims' real racial background only that because they held Rumanian passports they were victims of "racialism".
  • The schools are preachers of the modern liberal faith in multiculturalism, environmentalism, moral relativism, anti-imperialism (as if this is what America is about!) and what I call racialism (race consciousness).
  • June 8th, 2009 3: 38pm it used to be called racialism till the socialists got in. like veterans used to be called ex-servicemen and women. like a loss used to be called a defeat. like a train station used to be called a railway station. you missed from the litany of racialist offences making a complaint to the planning authorities when a gang of car thieves plant their caravans and dogs in a lovely paddock near your house where parking or development are absolutely forbidden. and how many Tory or Lib Dem councillors will dare then to stand up for their anguished constituents in this situation?

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