IPA: rˈæsʌɫi


  • In a racy manner.

Examples of "racily" in Sentences

  • It may read thin here; it would smack racily in the playroom.
  • I am indebted to this racily-written work for other ideas in this chapter.
  • The historian Ammianus Marcellinus wrote racily of these events at the time of their occurrence.
  • Only Clive and Kenna talked racily, but in jerks, of cattle, fruit-blight, mules, and white ants.
  • I think I never met a book more "racily" written -- in a special sense of the word -- than _The Progress of Prudence_ (MILLS AND BOON).
  • In recent years, Mr. Prince has blurred the line between his art and his collecting through his purchases of racily illustrated pulp-fiction novels from the 1950s.
  • Meanwhile, in his vividly and racily written Princi - ples of Psychology (1890) William James presented the findings of the “new psychology” — but not without critical reservations.
  • The observations are throughout racily humorous, and those who have within a few years visited 'the Cradle of Art' cannot fail to recognize, as hit off with no sparing hand, more than one American notoriety.
  • Smith seemed to be in the highest spirits, talking incessantly, describing his sudden descent on Firtop Farm and his interview with the farmer so racily that his mother laughed gently, and even Kate, for all her anxiety, smiled.
  • And yet this theme is underlaid with an emotion so vital, the emotion of a wild free life, and invested with a pathos so poignant of the quick passing of all good things, that no understanding heart can but be profoundly moved by that pathos and racily rejoiced at that wildness.

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