IPA: rˈeɪsinʌs


  • The property of being racy.

Examples of "raciness" in Sentences

  • In response to the general 'raciness' of the photos, he said,
  • That excerpt is also a good indication of the clip's raciness.
  • TVGuide.com: A lot of parents aren't too keen on the raciness of the show.
  • Parts of the evening had a degree of raciness the stage might not have seen before.
  • Still he hates to disappoint, so he did write back apologising for his apparent lack of raciness.
  • In her humorous raciness, Sophie Tucker could be viewed as a precursor of today's strong female singers.
  • But the Daily News went after him head-to-head and they were ashamed of the kind of raciness they were gonna have to do and they didn't do it.
  • It was this raciness, allied to his remarkable facility with languages and a relish for the unconventional – perhaps a distaste for the conventional as well – that led him into some of the byways of Francophone literature, including the crique-craque tradition of Haitian folk fables, which he would assert were superior to those of La Fontaine, especially to anyone who expressed the opposite view.

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