racing boat

IPA: rˈeɪsɪŋbˈoʊt


  • a boat propelled by oarsmen and designed for racing

Examples of "racing-boat" in Sentences

  • For an instant she planed like a high-powered racing-boat.
  • a speedy craft of it so speedy, in fact that it beat the racing-boat
  • Oh, it's a specially fast kind of racing-boat, built by CLINKER AND CLASPER.
  • They had not proceeded far when the racing-boat of their house, manned by Bloomfield, Game, Tipper, and Ashley, and coached from the bank by
  • A bridge had been thrown across from the raft to the racing-boat, and the latter was now attached to an immense stage whose sides ran down into the fog.
  • That long, low, wicker cart, likest to a racing-boat on lumbering wheels, has had other geographical genesis than that flat cradle-shaped construction of wooden poles and bambus.
  • In days gone by she had been an elegant racing-boat, but was now somewhat decayed and none too clean; however, she had been equipped with a motor, so that we were independent of the wind.
  • My own experience as a member of a boating-club at Yale had shown me what could be done, and I think one of the best investments I ever made was in giving a racing-boat to the Cornell crew on Cayuga Lake.
  • He sat there watching through the windows in a kind of impassivity, as much as he could see of the method by which the racing-boat was attached by long, rigid rods to the steady floating raft that had risen from beneath.
  • In illustration of these generalised mental images, let us recur to the boat, and suppose the speaker to continue as follows: -- "The boat was a four-oared racing-boat, it was passing quickly to the left just in front of me, and the men were bending forward to take a fresh stroke."

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