racing car

IPA: rˈeɪsɪŋkˈɑr


  • (UK, automotive, motor racing) A race car.


IPA: rˈeɪsɪŋkr


  • Alternative form of racing car [(UK, automotive, motor racing) A race car.]

Examples of "racing-car" in Sentences

  • But computer animation offered restitution, with the actor's final theatrical feature keenly casting him as a judge with substantial racing-car history.
  • These three were young in the 1930s: the two men were racing-car drivers, and in the second world war all three were involved in the French Resistance movement.
  • Another British company, Kiddiebeds, has a great line of affordable racing-car beds for boys and "flower beds" for girls (roughly 150 pounds at kiddie beds.
  • The face of Niki Lauda, made famous by a near-fatal racing-car accident in 1976 on the Nurburgring in Germany, will be emblazoned across one of three office towers in Dubai planned by ACI Real Estate.
  • Our antihero is the rookie racing-car sensation Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), a go-it-alone, look-out-for-number-one showboat with an agent in Hollywood (who else but Jeremy Piven) and dreams of big-bucks corporate sponsorship.
  • As chairman of the British Racing Drivers Club, who played an instrumental role in securing the British Grand Prix for Silverstone this past December and says he once harbored hopes of becoming a professional racing-car driver, Mr. Brooks surely must drive a high-performance vehicle.
  • From the calls charged to the card, the Feds were able to trace a devil's shopping list -- to the rental agency to reserve the Ryder truck, to suppliers of 55-gallon plastic barrels, to producers of racing-car fuel -- the better to boost the explosive power of the fuel-soaked fertilizer bomb.

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