IPA: rˈeɪdioʊˈaɪsʌtoʊp


  • (physics) a radioactive isotope of an element

Examples of "radioisotope" in Sentences

  • Stirling radioisotope generator.
  • Radioisotope piezoelectric generator.
  • It is labelled with the radioisotope technetium 99m.
  • It's the 'mean' or 'average life' of a radioisotope.
  • It is also used for medical radioisotope production.
  • The house is powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator.
  • The faster a radioisotope decays, the more radioactive it will be.
  • There is a radioisotope thermoelectric generator near the settlement.
  • The rate of deposition of this radioisotope is dependent on the weather.
  • The sections are ordered alphabetically by the English name of the radioisotope.

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