IPA: reɪdiˈɑɫʌdʒɪst


  • A person who is skilled in or practices radiology.

Examples of "radiologist" in Sentences

  • He is not a neurologist or radiologist.
  • His dream is being a Radiologist and musician.
  • The stone was on the xray but the radiologist missed it.
  • Despite the court's instruction they selected a radiologist.
  • Iddo, the youngest of the three, is a radiologist and writer.
  • The treatment is applied by a radiologist assisted by a radiographer.
  • A radiologist might, for example, note chondromalacia on an MRI of an ankle.
  • Interventional radiologists can ablate pulmonary Avms with coil embolization.
  • Our Embassy doctor asked me to get an MRI so I called a radiologist downtown.
  • The images that are sent to the radiologist are a sampling of "static" images.
  • The radiologist is able to move the fluoro tower around to follow the contrast material wherever where it goes.
  • A radiologist is a physician who has specialized in image interpretation with four years of dedicated post medical school training.
  • The image created is viewed and interpreted by a doctor, called a radiologist, to detect and diagnose medical conditions in the body.
  • Our radiologist was a doctor named Srini Malini, and we watched her as she studied the incomprehensible flecks of white scoring the dark gray screen.
  • Which is why we do eveything we can to help the patien, including sending the relase ourselves to the prior doc, calling the radiologist ourselves for the report, etc.
  • Today after hearing that the Commander wasn't getting better, she called the radiologist and they decided to not do the invasive procedure we had on the books for the Commander and just do the ultrasound.
  • Whenever I get a free day, I head into the Overdue Results Folder for a big cleanout, scanning each patient's chart to see if the overdue test actually did come back and forwarding the ones not done to my secretary so she can call the radiologist before she sends a note or calls the patient.

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