IPA: rˈeɪdioʊθˈɔriʌm


  • (physics) The radioactive isotope thorium-228

Examples of "radiothorium" in Sentences

  • On this occasion, we employed the energy-rich gamma radiation of a radiothorium preparation.
  • Hahn's radiothorium and actinium salts also followed him to Emil Fischer's laboratory in Berlin. 30
  • Many having other radio-elements are known already, the polonium, the mesothorium, the radiothorium, the actinium.
  • Here he discovered radioactinium and conducted investigations with Rutherford on alpha-rays of radiothorium and radioactinium.
  • Other radioactive elements have been discovered since: actinium (Debierne), radiothorium and mesothorium (Hahn), ionium (Boltwood), etc.
  • His work here was rewarded by the discovery of a new radioactive substance, radiothorium, while working on the preparation of pure radium salts.
  • Hahn had identified a new radioelement that emitted thorium emanation and which he labeled radiothorium. 28 Meanwhile, Soddy had moved to the Chemical Institute of University College in London to join Ramsay's research.
  • With Ramsay's consent, Hahn had taken with him the radiothorium he separated from samples of barium chloride and the actinium that he and a collaborator had earlier proved to be identical to the new element that the German chemist Friedrich Giesel had named emanium.

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