IPA: rɛsʌtˈeɪʃʌn


  • The act of publicly reciting something previously memorized.
  • The material recited.
  • A regularly scheduled class, in a school, in which discussion occurs of the material covered in a parallel lecture.
  • (music) A part of a song's lyrics that is spoken rather than sung.

Examples of "recitation" in Sentences

  • Her recitation was impressive.
  • After the recitation, the text ends.
  • The scene, containing much recitation, is long and well told.
  • Sometimes the recitation is a piteous description of the agony of the
  • These genealogies are sacred and their recitation is a great act of propitiation.
  • The decision was written in such a way that I had a hard time discerning the factual time line of this case, but I believe that the following factual recitation is correct.
  • There seems to be little doubt that public school teachers could not lead classes in recitation of that version of the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each school day.
  • Her girls listened with grave attention; and by eagerly putting a question, whenever she showed signs of running down, they managed to stave off the Latin recitation for three quarters of an hour.
  • Know, O King, that last night I was at a party where they made a perfection of the Koran and got together doctors of law and religion skilled in recitation and intoning; and, when the readers ended, the table was spread and amongst other things they set before us was a marinated ragout553 flavoured with cumin seed.
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper must explain how it is possible that almost half of the major speech he delivered in House of Commons 20 March 2003 calling for Canadian troops to be sent to the War on Iraq was a word-for-word recitation of the speech Australian Prime Minister John Howard delivered less than a day and a half before, said Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae.

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