IPA: sʃˈeɪp


  • a double curve resembling the letter s

Examples of "s-shape" in Sentences

  • It was the s-shape at the end of the key, of course.
  • The s-shape thing is again an issue of available space.
  • He thought: The little s-shape at the end'that's the secret.
  • He held it that way for a long time, looking mostly at the s-shape.
  • Tiny, curling slivers of wood rolled up from the s-shape at the end of the key.
  • He worked slowly, trying to see the shapes in the wood'that little s-shape in particular.
  • He ran his thumb into the third notch, and then over the s-shape at the end of the last notch.
  • A single sliver of ash, so thin it was almost transparent, curled up from the belly of the s-shape at the end of the key.
  • Eddie looked down and saw he did have a key; a primitive-looking thing with three notches like inverted Vs. That little s-shape at the end of the last notch is the secret, he thought.
  • HOWEVER, I HAVE DECIDED TO SELL ONLY METAL BALANCE BIKES for 5 significant design reasons: 1. The metal frames are strong enough to allow a curve or s-shape, allowing a larger open area between the seat and front wheel/steering column.

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