IPA: sˈæbʌɫ


  • Any palm of the genus Sabal of American dwarf fan palms; usually called palmetto.

Examples of "sabal" in Sentences

  • But if you do have anything on Sabal, yes, let's hear it.
  • They are similar to the leaves of the palmettos of genus Sabal.
  • The central bud of Sabal species is edible and known as heart of palm.
  • Sabal, most importantly a contributor to Vogue and major advertisements.
  • The central bud of 'Sabal' species is edible and known as heart of palm.
  • Sabal minor is one of the few palms able to survive regions with hard winters.
  • Sky and sea merge in a streaky fit of violent red, orange, and purple bands with the silhouette of a lone sabal palm in the foreground.
  • Needelman wants key lime pies elevated to a more elite status, joining other official Florida favorites such as the orange, horse conch shell and the sabal palm tree.
  • An “unknown but growing number” of sabal palms in the Tampa Bay area are being killed by the disease, which has left scientists “stumped,” the Associated Press reports.
  • This must be an exotic, for although the lower half of the Rio Bravo is within the zone of the palms, the species that grow so far north are fan-palms (_chamaerops_ and _sabal_).
  • Other plants found commonly within the reserve include Spanish moss, resurrection fern, prickly pear, saw palmetto, sabal palmetto, yaupon holly, red cedar, smilax and sweet grass.
  • _Sabáya_, plural of _sabi_, applies to both person and property, as they say _sabal adúvva vaghairohu_, he made captive, captured or took prisoner the enemy, and other than an enemy.
  • "I think in my head I'm going to feel trapped," said Pons, who lives on the 1,000-acre property of sabal palms, oxbow lakes and citrus groves he manages for the Nature Conservancy's Southmost Preserve.
  • We learn, from the Second Book of Chronicles, that these classes were the bearers of burdens, the hewers of stones, and the overseers, called by the old masonic writers the _Ish sabal_, the _Ish chotzeb_, and the _Menatzchim_.
  • A close underwood of arundinaria and sabal palms shut up the way and the view; trailing roots obstructed progress below; while higher up, the trelliswork of llianas, bamboo briars, sarsaparilla, and gigantic grape-vines, rendered it necessary to bend down in the saddle in order to pass onward.

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