IPA: sʌbˈæʃʌ


  • A plant of Sabatia, a genus of smooth slender North American herbs (family Gentianaceae) with opposite leaves and showy white or rose-pink cymose flowers.

Examples of "sabbatia" in Sentences

  • But perhaps what told an observer more about Willie Spence than did anything else was a bunch of rarely beautiful sabbatia blooming in a pickle bottle and a wee black kitten who disported herself unmolested among the tools cluttering the deeply scarred workbench.
  • The flowers that grew in abundance about the settlement must have given them joy, -- _arbutus_ or "mayflowers," wild roses, blue chicory, Queen Anne's lace, purple asters, golden-rod and the beautiful sabbatia or "sentry" which is still found on the banks of the fresh ponds near the town and is called "the Plymouth rose."

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